Mutants and Masterminds “The Darkening”

The gate has been opened and the evil gets stronger all the time. Welcome you made it just in time to witness your world get shredded and torn apart from a dark unknown force…unless you can do somethings about it.

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Marko A Hero Falling

_ The day was a sunny day as usual in the village of El Hatillo. Marko stepped out of his humble dwelling onto the dirt floor porch. He leans against the frame of his door and the wall looking out towards the aged roads in front of him. A slight grin crept on to his face while he reached down into his pants pocket to pull out a pack of cigarettes. Thoughts of his wrong doings raced around in his head, but it didn’t seem to get him down because that was behind him now._
_ Marko put the cigarette to his dry lips and took a long slow draw then almost choked as he coughed out all the smoke he just sucked in. A memory just crept into his head, and it was a memory he didn’t want to recall. He can see himself there again and almost like it was yesterday. The Villain sand man, as the locals called him, lay on the ground defeated. Begging for his life now in a vulnerable state, yet Marko never intended on taking any prisoners. " No, you’re not getting off the hook that easy. The people?" Marko submitted with a jerk of his thumb behind him. " The people are going to adore me, but they will never know what happened here today.“_
_ Now as the memory fades and what’s real comes back into view; Marko notices he sees the once colorful world in back and white. Slowly dark lines start tracing the surface of his skin, and a tear rolls down his cheek.” The Darkening found me…I don’t think I have the strength to fight it"_

Mutants and Masterminds The Darkening